COLOOM comprises the intuitive tools you need to create, and share your content and collaborate with others. With your personal account COLOOM provides you with an easy-to-use interface and the storage you need. Teams of creators can work together to co-create and publish their custom solutions.


Guide the individual to edit his knowledge in an easy to follow way and providing assistance in simplicity, clarity, quality and trust.


Understand the individual’s context and assist to find the most helpful and inspirational knowledge solution of others.


Provide a powerful infrastructure to publish and promote knowledge to the selected audience or the open public.


Motivate the individual to share knowledge, instead of hiding it to protect it. Protect the knowledge from being used in a way not in the interest of the author.





  • The simple logic of coloured cards supports the individual to create content in a way that is easily understood by others.
  • Minimal text plus colours makes the content lightweight and easy to follow.
  • By inserting documents, texts and links, the solution can be perfectly linked to existing content.


  • Invite named users to a deck or a folder of decks to collaborate within the group.
  • Arrange your organizational workspace to collaborate within the team and externally with your clients.


  • Create a channel of decks on certain topics for your team or your clients
  • Administrate user access
  • Exposing your knowledge to your selected audience.


  • The home of knowledge, with a catalogue of solutions.
  • Opening knowledge to the public.