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1. With the Board card type you create a new board within a board. This card type performs 2 functions:

1. Create board only: Use this card type to create a card with a heading and text, if necessary. No structures or other information will be recorded in this card.
2. Create structures: Once you have created the map, you can double-click to open the board behind it. This allows you to further elaborate a term or topic with another board. This type of card structures your board in depth.

1. Click on the ‘+’ to create a new board and then on the board type ‘board’.

2. In the upper part you enter the title for the board. With the TAB key or a click in the lower field you can enter another text.

3. With 2x Tab you can create the next card on the right and with further TABs and final RETURN key you can select the card type and create the card.

4. Optional: Structures under the map
Double-click in the newly created map to open the board underneath. You can now fill this in turn with further information. The hierarchy is displayed in the path above.


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