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1.1 Click on the “SHARE” button

and transfer a board to another owner.

1.2 Click on “Share with another user” and enter the mail address.

1.3 Select the type of splitting

READ: The receiver may only read the board, not modify existing cards or add new cards
EDIT: The recipient may read the board, change cards and add new cards.

1.4 The invited user gets a mail

and can register by clicking the button “View map”.

1.5 The invited person logs in and can edit Henry Anderson’s board and adds a car.

1.6 The inviting person can see the changes on the board.

2. Sharing

2.1 Click on “Share” on the board as above

2.2 In the Sharing dialog, now click on “send” as “Granted Permission”.

This creates a copy of the board and transfers it to the specified recipient.

2.3 The receiver receives the board in his inbox.

He is the new owner of the board and can edit or share it under his name.

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