Make an experience out of your knowledge


Coloom provides you with a very easy to understand structure. Complex contents are presented in a brain-friendly and clear way. In several levels you can deepen connections if required. Very quickly, even the most complex relationships are accessible and comprehensible.






A card consists of a heading and a text. Both are very short. With this limitation and the observance of a few simple rules, complex relationships are quickly made understandable for others. The brain is able to grasp these structures very quickly and use the information they contain.









Card types

A map can contain another board, a link to another web page, any file as an attachment or a text that you can create with the integrated editor, as shown here:






The tree structure allows you to define information to any depth from a quick, simple overview. You only ever see one level of your knowledge structure on a board. Thus the focus is clearly defined. Also for all others who work with you on this level.





Share your boards with colleagues and customers. You decide who can only read or edit. You can also send a board to another user as new owner:


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