Every change of leadership costs the organisation strength and money at the beginning…

and is connected with the personal risk that the change will not work. A new leader must first find his or her way into the new culture, situation, role and task before he or she can take an active role with a view to the future. The faster and more structured the better.

Every leadership change is unique and has to be considered individually…

Nevertheless, there are commonalities, the same questions, challenges and unfortunately also typical traps that are worth looking at in order to shape one’s own leadership change as well, consciously and proactively as possible and to be able to make one’s own contribution to the success of the company more quickly.

With my Coloom Deck…

I provide you with a blended learning platform with reading material and opportunities for reflection, so that you can get into the subject matter yourself, deepen the content and reflect on it using exercises, and prepare or follow up our coaching sessions, depending on the topic, time available, needs and “mood”. At the same time, this platform offers a good overview of the tasks that are pending in the phase of leadership change.

Stefanie Klenner

I have been in the consultant business since 1991; first as a HR Business Partner in an international organisation and later as a self employed trainer, coach and facilitator. So accompanying leaders of all management levels has been my task from the very beginning of my professional career. I have supplemented my practical experience through further training as a communication consultant at the Schulz von Thun Institute and a coaching training recognized by the DBVC at the Professio Akademie.

With my Coloom Deck Shaping Leadership Transition Proactively I offer you a space in which you can find relevant insights concerning your leadership transition that you can explore in a structured and self-determined manner. At the same time, I support you as a coach to reflect your situation and your own actions in order to adapt more easily to the requirements of your situation.
I look forward to supporting you as well!

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