Successful companies know how important it is to have correct information at the right time as well as good communication and confidentiality. Information security is not just about risk management; it is also about seizing the opportunities of our networked world.

Sound information security management is therefore essential for companies. The internationally recognized ISO/IEC 27001 standard provides a very good framework for companies to manage and protect their information assets.

I make my coloom deck available to your employees for joint development and documentation:


Thus we ensure your individual preparation strategy for successful certification.

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Nadine Eibel

Nadine Eibel began her IT career in 2003 in a system house and supports medium-sized customers in infrastructure and service management projects.

In 2016, it begins focusing on IT security and certification and has become LEAD Auditor 27001, CISM and CPSSP. It applies the BAIT, FAIT, NIST and MaRisk standards. In various preparation and certification projects she supports medium and large companies in the introduction of ISMS regarding ISO 27001.

Nadine Eibel is a trained Lead Auditor 27001 and expert and trainer as data protection expert DSVGO (Art. 37) and BDSG.

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