Enterprise Architecture Management(EAM) is used in companies to understand and control IT. More formal requirements are placed on diagrams and all models are stored in a system that can represent dependencies.

The point here is that the management, which is mostly unfamiliar with IT, does not understand what actually happens in IT and what costs and above all expenses are incurred by a company.

With EAM, the IT strategy can be planned much more directly and understandably from the general business specifications. With consistent EAM everyone can understand the dependencies between the IT infrastructure, the installed programs (applications), the data (information) stored in them and the final users and business processes.

I have realized an EAM with Coloom and would like to introduce it to you:


All aspects of the process and organizational structure are taken into account. Behind the leading terms there are further maps with the corresponding definitions and guidelines for the structure. The interdependencies are mapped and all necessary formal documentation is stored in them

By clicking this button you get access to a light version of my EAM to get a first impression.

Open board in COLOOM

Ensure the correct alignment of your IT with the help of EAM. I would be happy to support you and look forward to hearing from you.

Jan Lass

Jan Lass is a proven communications and structuring expert. He started his training as a technical editor and continues to develop his talent in communicating content to a wide range of target groups in large companies. In doing so, he encountered various management topics, accompanied them in an active role and trained himself in projects. 
In his unconventional shell is a conservative service provider core: punctual, correct, thinking along.

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