Coloom – As diverse as your consulting activities

Germamy, Kiel, 17.05.2021
The visual online platform Coloom acts as a digital moderation wall. Specially developed by consultants for consultants, the web application makes it possible to visualize, communicate and market experiential knowledge. Until now, the freemium product Coloom was available in two variants: “Free” and “Enterprise”. Now the portfolio is being expanded to include the “Personal” module and the “Branding” add-on.
Coloom is as multifaceted as individual consultants need it to be in practice. To this end, the online platform has so far offered two usage models, “Free” and “Enterprise”: the free basic version for trial purposes and one for professionals who provide consulting services on a large scale as part of a company. But what about self-employed consultants who want to use Coloom in its entirety for their day-to-day work and customer communication, and who want to communicate their complex knowledge in a sustainable way? This is exactly what the new model, “Personal”, is made for.
“Personal” costs 8€/month and is a perfect mix of the limited basic and the all-encompassing enterprise version. While the “Free” version of Coloom only offers 300 cards, the “Personal” level now offers unlimited cards. Each individual card can generally contain another board or file attachment, or be a link to a website. In the “Free” model, 500 MB of storage space is available for boards and such documents linked to them, whereas in “Personal”, 1 TB is available. In contrast to the basic version, the “Personal” model also allows an unlimited number of boards to be edited together with customers. Another advantage of “Personal” is that the new “Branding” add-on can be added to this tariff for an introductory price of 199.00€/month and enables the Coloom user interface to be presented in the customer’s CI. To do this, the consultant creates themes and assigns them to the respective account or user. The user then sees the web application in the branding created especially for him/her, including the logo and the colors of the corporate identity. This option was previously only included in the “Enterprise” version.
In this way, independent consultants with the “Personal” model and the “Branding” add-on can enjoy the convenience and professionalism of the “Enterprise” price level without having to pay the price that is otherwise geared to large companies.
The “Personal” price model and the “Branding” add-on can be booked here with immediate effect.

Axel Birkner

Axel Birkner began his career in the early 1990s at MobilCom AG. He was responsible for setting up the IT infrastructure and service processes. During this time, the number of employees grew from 80 to approx. 4,300, and sales from €70 million to over €2 billion. Accordingly, the demands on the team, technology and management grew due to requirements for security, maintaining market proximity, performance and governance.

Various consulting and interim management mandates in different companies followed, focusing on IT strategy, management, web development and e-commerce. 2007 the foundation of cliplister GmbH to support online trade with product videos and embedding in 8 of the 10 largest online stores in Germany.

Axel Birkner remains an entrepreneur, interim manager and consultant. He shares his experience and his attitude, today successfully supports companies in the accelerating change.

This experience is used by companies that are uncertain on their way to digitalization or expansion of e-commerce, face important IT strategic decisions or want to make their business processes economical, competitive and secure.

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