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Scaling structured consulting with Coloom

Coloom is a simple and flexible online platform that acts as a “digital moderation wall”. It allows you, as a consultant, to organize and visualize your experiential knowledge and make it available to your clients online. This enables effortless collaboration across formats, tools, channels and time zones. Without the constraints of physical location, meeting room, and whiteboard. A simple, yet efficient recipe for success – developed by consultants for consultants*.

Our freemium product thus supports you in the essential steps of your daily business: sales – implementation – presentation of results – post-sales.

To this end, Coloom offers you a wide range of templates that can be assembled and personalized in just as many ways as your consulting activities require in practice. For example, a card can contain another board or file attachment, or be a link to a website. Thanks to these options, it will be easy for you to map abstract processes and interrelationships without any problems.

And this is how easy it is in practice:

Create a template of your consulting systematics. Whether it’s a turnaround or an OKR, with Coloom you can visualize the knowledge you need for the project in such a way that customers can quickly pick it up. Simply copy the template for your client project and share it. Your customers can then use Coloom to open and use the expert board you prepared. This way, you can quickly present your expertise in your complex consulting environment in a comprehensible way and in advance.

The next step is to define your position. Together with your customers, you record all the information that determines your position in the joint project. Work with colors to point out potential problem areas or success factors. Define the goal to be achieved together. Agree on the target parameters in the project team. This precise and understood goal definition is a powerful management tool: Create an overview of all possible evaluated options. From the best combination of options, the implementation is planned, communicated accordingly and executed.

After the project is completed, continue to monitor the defined KPIs and protect the implemented changes from unintended regression. After the project, offer boards with appropriate content that lead to follow-up orders. A win-win situation for you and your customers!

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