Author - Hanno Bromeis

Hanno Bromeis is a seasoned managing director and business development professional. After 15 years of strategy consulting and transaction advisory he co-led a brand development agency advising small and medium sized companies and forming ambitious brands in Germany and the UK. Subsequently he started his own start-up in the tourism industry. Having exited from this venture he now acts as independent advisor for leadership, growth and exit readiness.
Hanno studied business and management at Cologne University and the London School of Economics, lives in Hamburg and enjoys kite-surfing, snowboarding and adventure trips.

I can introduce companies to the OKR goal-setting process that has been instrumental in getting companies like Google where they are now. The benefits of this agile approach are clarity for your team about key activities for the next quarter, allocation of scarce resources, alignment and focus of the entire team, and improved communication.
I help entrepreneurs configure themselves and their organizations for growth and meet the challenges of expanding in dynamic markets.