“We enable companies to use and sell their knowledge in their context.”




Coloom is a simple, flexible and visual online platform to organise, market and collaborate on knowledge.



With Coloom, we have created a platform for modern working that enables collocated, distributed and remote teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels and time zones – without the constraints of the physical location, the meeting room and the whiteboard.

Axel Birkner left today’s freenet Group 25 years ago, after he had built up one of the most efficient telco ITs in Germany within 8 years. With this experience and constantly searching for the best methods, he started his own business as an interim manager and IT strategy consultant.
Always focused on user experience, he developed a simple web frontend, similar to a matrix, which can display any content. By following certain rules, complex situations, knowledge and procedures can be structured very quickly and easily. He tested the first versions in his own projects and was thrilled that any number of participants with different background knowledge could very quickly resolve discrepancies, misunderstandings and misinterpretations and thus safely achieve the one common goal.

From these early beginnings, he and a small team of senior developers developed today’s successful Coloom. Early feedback from customers still determines the path of product development today, always with simplicity, usability and openness in mind. Keeping creativity alive, as little structure as necessary, as open and simple as possible. These are our product mantras.

We give our customers the responsibility for the content and its structure. This enables our customers to realize solutions that were unimaginable for us. We are always thrilled when customers show us how they have formulated and mastered complex challenges with Coloom…..and ultimately make an impressive amount of money with it.

This confirms our consistent path, which we will maintain and continue to follow in other dimensions without changing the core of the application, be it through artificial intelligence or blockchain.

The history of Coloom:


  • Start of prototype production
  • Ideas and Feature Barbecue


  • BETA test with 12 company teams, which led to 12 continuations and 0 separations
  • Commitment to OPENness through free lifetime accounts and open web publishing


  • Coding, coding, coding and BETA start
  • Successful integration of further creators and company teams


  • Public launch
  • Already learned so much from our customers


  • Introduction of Freemium pricing model to complement the project business