“We enable companies to use and sell their knowledge in their context.”




Coloom is the simple, flexible and visual online platform to organize knowledge and work together.


With Coloom, we have created a platform for modern working that enables assembled, distributed and remote teams to communicate and collaborate across formats, tools, channels and time zones – without the limitations of physical location, meeting room and whiteboard.







We are a team of entrepreneurs, business and IT specialists based in Northern Europe. Our legal and technical office is located in Germany, the country with the highest data protection requirements worldwide.

We have been inspired by creative techniques developed decades ago. The order of knowledge in systematically arranged maps goes back over 2000 years to the roots of human science.

In our eyes, the World Wide Web still shows clear weaknesses in the way knowledge is handled. It still does not implement the possibilities of the Internet in terms of how employees can work with existing knowledge together with customers.

By translating simple, learned, ancient principles of knowledge order into advanced web technology, we want to add new skills to companies’ knowledge management, secure sharing with and selling to customers. By combining these results with other technologies such as artificial intelligence, extended reality and blockchain, we see great potential for the future to develop a completely new approach to dealing with knowledge.



The history of Coloom:


  • Start of prototype production
  • Ideas and Feature Barbecue


  • BETA test with 12 company teams, which led to 12 continuations and 0 separations
  • Commitment to OPENness through free lifetime accounts and open web publishing


  • Coding, coding, coding and BETA start
  • Successful integration of further creators and company teams


  • Public launch
  • Already learned so much from our customers


  • Introduction of Freemium pricing model to complement the project business