Coloom changes consulting.  Turn your experience knowledge into an easy to use web application. Create templates for your consulting focus. Market your focus topics directly online with Coloom. Work together with your customer in Coloom. Add content together on a project basis. Connect yourself and your customers lastingly, digitally, directly and place follow-up topics.

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How does Coloom support the consulting project?



Offer your knowledge on your website. Take a screenshot and offer your customers the opportunity to open and use your expert board yourself in Coloom. With Coloom you can quickly and easily present your competence in your complex consulting environment. 

Example OKR:Beispiel Objective-Key-Results (OKR) 

Place articles on your focus topics on social media channels with direct link to your coloom board:          Offer your consulting services on our board market. Use our online marketing reach to generate new first contacts. Use Coloom in initial appointments for videoconferencing, presentations or on paper. Coloom transports your competence with its very fast readable format directly to potential customers. 


Together with your customer, you record all the information that determines the position in the joint project.Together, define the goal to be achieved. Coordinate the target parameters in the project team. The coordinated, exact and understood goal is a strong management tool:Create an overview of all possible evaluated options. The implementation is planned and carried out from the best combination of options. 

Design a board that clearly shows tasks and responsibility. Work with the team on and on the board. Document clearly necessary requirements, existing risks, milestones and KPIs. Provide the team with an overview of status and risks at all times. Focus the team on the next important steps. 

Presentation of results

Coloom is ideal for presenting results. Thanks to the clear structure, you can also visualize a complex topic that is accessible to everyone. With the option of hanging any pictures as an attachment on a card and presenting them in their original size, you can also use any graphics.


After completion of the project, the defined KPIs will be further monitored and the implemented changes protected against unintentional reverse engineering.After the project, offer content-related boards that lead to follow-up orders:

What do I need to do to use Coloom in my company?

    1. 1. Register for free and create your cosulting card
    2. 2. Market them on your website and through your social media channels
    3. 3. Unlock customers for your card, sell your consulting services and accompany the customer to the result
    4. 4. Support the customer via the Coloom application and offer extensions depending on the situation.

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