Thanks to Coloom, the days of unbrained, unstructured software are over. Instead of complex operation and limited shareability of knowledge, we focus on the opposite. With Coloom, we have created a digital moderation wall that

1. is fast and easy to use
2. offers an attractive format for the presentation of competence
3. Established a direct digital channel between your customer and you
4. Guarantees the long-term cooperation with your customer
How this can look in practice can be seen here in the example of turnaround consulting:    

Coloom is the unique tool with which you can

1. record your diverse consulting approaches clearly, quickly and understandably
2. present complex interrelationships in a way that can be understood by third parties in no time at all
3. demarcate thought levels graphically
4. be able to share content easily with customers

You can find more information about Coloom and the pricing model at product and pricing.

Satisfied customers

Coloom is establishing itself on the market through rapid dissemination - and we have our satisfied customers to thank for that. More and more consultants are opting for our tool and establishing it in their everyday work.

Would you also like to be a pioneer and get started with Coloom? Come and talk to us and let's find out how our tool can help your company!


What do I need to do to use Coloom in my company?

    1. 1. Register for free and create your cosulting card
    2. 2. Market them on your website and through your social media channels
    3. 3. Unlock customers for your card, sell your consulting services and accompany the customer to the result
    4. 4. Support the customer via the Coloom application and offer extensions depending on the situation.

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